What can I expect from my Physiotherapy appointment?

Once you have booked in for your first consultation at Birchwood Physiotherapy we aim to take a full history of your injury / condition which will involve finding out when and how it started, how you have been managing so far and we will ask you about relevant medical conditions and previous investigations. Once we have built up a initial picture we will assess you physically with active tests, looking at how you move, both the quality and the range of movement, we will assess your strength and control of movement. Once we have a clear diagnosis we will begin treatment to ease the pain, restore normal movement and strength and make a plan going forwards to get you back pain free and fighting fit.

What type of conditions can Physiotherapists treat?

Physiotherapists are musculoskeletal specialists – we can assess, diagnose and treat all conditions that involve bone, tendon, ligaments, muscles, nerves etc. We work closely with Consultants and local Doctors if we feel blood tests, X-rays, other investigations or even an onward referral is required.

How many treatments do I need to have?

There is no set amount of treatments that one person could or should have. Every patient presents differently and some conditions require more input than others. The Physiotherapist will use their professional clinical rationale to explain how treatments work for your condition and how long it usually takes to get better. In many cases 2 or 3 sessions are all that are required to get you back to normal but sometimes for prolonged issues or following complicated surgery e.g ACL knee ligament repair the rehabilitation process is much longer.

How quickly can I be seen?

We are usually able to see people within 24 to 48 hours of initial contact. Click here to request a call back

Can I use my medical insurance?

We have a great working relationship with all the major insurance companies. When you call to book your appointment let Helen know your medical insurance details. Please ensure you have contacted your insurance company to acquire an authorisation claim number in order for us to invoice them directly on your behalf.

What are the prices?

Initial Assessment & Treatment – 45 min / £60

Follow up appointments               – 30 min / £50

Extended appointments                – 60 min / £90

Virtual (call/video)                         – 45 min / £40

Virtual (call/video)                         – 30 min / £30

Massage, relaxing / deep tissue   – 30 min / £40

Home Visits                                      – 60 min / £100

Do you offer any Discounts?


Students 10% discount (student card required)

Carers 20% (registered carers card required)

Universal Credit 20% (letter of proof required)

Question for the Physiotherapist?

Do you have a question about your injury / condition and want to understand more? Click here to pick the Physiotherapist’s brains