bhlive active

gracelessly Birchwood Physiotherapy are delighted to be adding another location to our growing list of clinics. Teaming up with bhlive active in Corfe Mullen has meant we can integrate gym equipment, resistance machines and free weight training when devising injury recovery rehabilitation plans. Having a gym on hand is ideal when needing to check exercise form, knee or back pain from poor squatting, for example, is more common than you think. So many of our clients are members of gyms so creating bespoke gym based exercise programmes is quick and easy and utilises the correct levels of resistance for each person’s needs.

Having a fleet of treadmills also enables us to assess full body, running biomechanics for runners with troublesome injuries such as Iliotibial band pain or knee, outer hip, lower back , shin splints or heel pains. Our 220 frames a second slow motion software is perfect for assessing running form and style and for highlighting areas which need extra work. We all know that a good, robust, fit for purpose body will help individuals withstand injuries. We are thrilled to be working with bhlive active in their gym environment in BH21 and look forward to seeing you there soon!

Bhlive active gym, Corfe Mullen can be found at 14 Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen, BH21 3LE. To book please call, email or message Helen on 07817 550481 /